MBUFA Fourth Annual National Conference

The Mileage Based User Fee Alliance held their Fourth Annual Conference on March 16. The conference featured lively discussion on a range of topics including current state road charging pilots and the convergence of automotive technology with transportation funding. The full agenda and photos from the conference are below.


The International Impact of Road Charging

How Will the U.S. Pilots Impact the World Stage?

Welcome from MBUFA and New Zealand

  • Barbara Rohde, Executive Director, MBUFA
  • Peter J. “Jack” Basso, Chair, MBUFA
  • E. The Honourable Tim Groser, New Zealand Ambassador to the United States

New Zealand Perspective Panel

New Zealand Perspective: Lessons Learned from 40 Years of Road Pricing

  • Richard White, Programme Director, New Zealand G2G, Moderator
  • Jack Opiola, President, D’Artagnan
  • Peter Carr, Manager Funding & Infrastructure, Ministry of Transport, New Zealand
  • Steven Newman, Chief Executive, EROAD
  • Craig Marris, President, Coretex

Making the Grade Around the World:  MBUF Telematics Bridge toward Insurance, Road Emissions and Intelligent Mobility for Various Trials   

  • Adrian Moore, Vice President, Reason Foundation, Moderator
  • Nate Bryer, Vice President of Innovation, Azuga
  • Kevin Condon, CEO, Verdeva
  • Ben Miners, Vice President of Innovation, Intelligent Mechatronic Systems
  • Mahrokh Arefi, CEO, emovis

FAST Act State Pilot Panel

The United States Starts the MBUF Engine:  Hear How the Various Roads Are Being Taken By Fast Act Winners and What May Be in the Future  

  • Susan Binder, Senior Associate, Cambridge Systematics, Moderator
  • Angela Jacobs, Transportation Specialist, U.S. DOT
  • Patricia Hendren, Executive Director, I-95 Corridor Coalition
  • Reema Griffith, Executive Director, Washington Transportation Commission
  • Anthony Buckley, Director, Innovative Partnerships; Washington DOT; Representing RUC West
  • Gerald Dang, Administrative Services Officer, Hawaii DOT
  • Maureen Bock, OReGO Program Manager, Oregon DOT
  • Frank Douma, Director of the State and Local Policy Program, Humphrey School, University of Minnesota

MBUFA Chairman Jack Basso and MBUFA Visionary Award winner Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)

Lunch Presentation: MBUFA Awards

  • Jack Basso, Chair of MBUFA, Presenter
  • Visionary Award: The Honorable Earl Blumenauer, U.S. House of Representatives (D-OR)
  • Staff Advocate Award: Alex Herrgott, Former Deputy Staff Director of Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

Coming in to the Finish Line:  California Road Charge Pilot Enters Final Stage

  • Norma Ortega, Chief Financial Officer, Caltrans, Moderator
  • Kome Ajise, Chief Deputy Director, Caltrans
  • Jim Madaffer, Commissioner, California Transportation Commission
  • Susan Martinovich, Highway/Bridge Market Segment Director, CH2M

Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO), delivering Keynote Address

Keynote Address

  • The Honorable Sam Graves (R-MO), Chairman, Subcommittee on Highways and Transit, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, U.S. House of Representatives

The New Landscape:  Key Experts Discuss How the New Administration Might Advance the Issue

  • Lee Munnich, Senior Fellow, Humphrey School, University of Minnesota Moderator
  • Shirley Ybarra, President, The Ybarra Group
  • Andrew Wheeler, Principal, Faegre Baker Daniels Consulting
  • Sean O’Neill, ‎Senior Director of Congressional Relations, Associated General Contractors of America

MBUF Mythbusters Panel

MBUF Mythbusters 2017:  The “Whys and Hows…..”

  • Pat Jones, Executive Director, IBTTA, Moderator
  • Ed Regan, Senior Vice President, CDM Smith
  • Lou Neudorff, ‎Principal Technologist, CH2M
  • William Chernicoff, Manager of Energy & Environmental Research, Toyota
  • Larry Yermarck, Strategic Advisor, Cubic Transportation Systems
  • Ed Kussy, Partner, Nossaman

Closing Remarks

  • H.E. The Honourable Tim Groser, New Zealand Ambassador to the United States
  • Peter J. “Jack” Basso, Chair, MBUFA


MBUFA Conference Reception




MBUFA Press Release for June 18 Senate Finance Committee Hearing on the Challenges to the Future of Highway Funding

Contact:  Barbara Rohde                                                                    June 18, 2015

(202) 312- 7437                                                                                  For Immediate Release


Senate Committee on Finance Hearing on Challenges to the Future of Highway Funding 

The Mileage-Based User Fee Alliance (MBUFA) is a national non-profit organization that brings together government, business, academic, and transportation policy leaders to conduct education and outreach on the potential for mileage-based user fees as an alternative for future funding and improved performance of the U.S. transportation system. 

Jim Whitty is former Vice Chair of MBUFA and the manager of Oregon Department of Transportation’s Office of Innovative Partnership Programs.  He has led the development and now implementation of Oregon’s mileage-based user charge system and he made the following comment: 

“Oregon was the first state to adopt the gas tax in 1919 and you could say that we were the first state to notice that it was going awry. In 2001, the state legislature established a task force to create a new revenue system for highways.  The recommendation was a per-mile charge as the most viable alternative to the gas tax.  After 14 years of research and pilot programs, Oregon will launch on July 1st, a road user charge system for 5,000 volunteers that will have three types of mileage reporting from three providers so that users have choices for what system to use.  Through our pilot programs we have learned that providing system choice and making clear that government will not be tracking drivers is critical to responding to drivers’ concerns about privacy.” 

Adrian Moore, Ph.D., is vice president for education and an MBUFA board member.  He is also vice president of policy at Reason Foundation, a non-profit think tank advancing free minds and free markets.  He served as a commissioner on the National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission which was established by Congress. He made the following comment:

“The gas tax used to be a reasonably good way to pay for transportation.  If you look into the future, you can see its weaknesses are growing and the strengths are shrinking.  Nothing is going to change that.  Eventually, it will quit being an effective mechanism and it’s going to have to be replaced.  The question is what is the most efficient and effective method to pay for transportation and infrastructure?  And that would a fee on use of transportation infrastructure. User fees have many inherent advantages over taxes because they are related to the usage of the system.  When usage goes up, revenue tends to go up; when usage goes down, revenue tends to go down.  It sends signals to the system much like prices do in the market.   On the Transportation Financing Commission we spent two years evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of every tax and every fee that we could think of or that anyone could suggest to us.   The mechanism that stood out as being efficient, effective, equitable and sustainable was the mileage-based user fee.”

MBUFA Press Statement for June 17 House Ways and Means Committee Highway Trust Fund Hearing

Contact:  Barbara Rohde                                                                    June 17, 2015

(202) 312- 7437                                                                                  For Immediate Release


House Committee on Ways and Means Hearing on Long-Term Financing of the Highway Trust Fund

The Mileage-Based User Fee Alliance (MBUFA) is a national non-profit organization that brings together government, business, academic, and transportation policy leaders to conduct education and outreach on the potential for mileage-based user fees as an alternative for future funding and improved performance of the U.S. transportation system. 

The organization is chaired by national transportation finance expert, Jack Basso, formerly the Chief Operating Officer and Business Development Director for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and chief financial officer of the U.S. Department of Transportation who made the following comment:

“It’s no secret that the greatest obstacle to restoring our nation’s infrastructure is identifying and agreeing to a reliable, long-term, sustainable financing mechanism for the Highway Trust Fund.  But it is also no secret that those solutions already exist. While the problem has been studied by congressional commissions and policy experts, all have shown that changes in driving habits and the projected continued increase in alternative fuel vehicles will make the gas tax obsolete as the primary financing source for transportation infrastructure.  Mileage-based user fees are the best long term financing option.” 

Florida Sustainable Transportation Funding Workshop

On August 15, the Reason Foundation and the Mileage-Based User Fee Alliance organized a Sustainable Transportation Funding Workshop with the Florida Transportation Commission.

U.S. transportation programs are in serious jeopardy. The Highway and Transit Trust funds have required Federal General Fund supplements and there is no support for increasing the Federal gas tax.  Our workshop focused on finding solutions to these serious and continued budget shortfalls.

The workshop featured presentations from multiple State Departments of Transportation that have began to look at vehicle-miles traveled as an alternative to the gas tax.  The MBUFA members that presented were from the Washington, Minnesota, Nevada and Oregon Departments of Transportation.  Additionally, Adrian Moore of the Reason Foundation presented a Mileage-Based Fee 101 session that provided a policy and implementation overview of  VMT systems.

Following we have provided the PowerPoint presentations from the workshop.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

  1. Dr. Adrian Moore, MBUF101
  2. Jeff Doyle, Washington DOT
  3. Cory Johnson, Minnesota DOT
  4. Alauddin Khan, Nevada DOT
  5. James Whitty, Oregon DOT