Minnesota Sustainable Transportation Workshop

Adrian Moore, Reason Foundation

Panel Discussion at the Workshop

Panel Discussion at the Workshop

Three months ago, we held our first workshop in Tallahassee, Florida at the invitation of the Florida Transportation Commission. It was an opportunity for the Commissioners and officials from the Florida Department of Transportation to learn more about mileage-based charges and to talk directly with policymakers from Nevada, Washington, and Oregon about the status of their state initiatives and lessons learned.

On November 17 and 18, we held our second state workshop in Minnesota in conjunction with the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The workshop, held in St. Paul, included the Minnesota Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Charles Zelle, MN DOT leadership staff, members of the Minnesota State Congressional Delegation, and experts from around the country including James Whitty from Oregon DOT; Alauddin Khan, Nevada DOT; Cory Johnson, Minnesota DOT; and Burt Tasaico, North Carolina DOT.

The state workshops offer the opportunity to explore specific state issues and identify solutions with those who are responsible for developing effective financing alternatives to meet the future infrastructure needs of the country. Looking forward to 2014, we’ve been asked to do more workshops in states around the country and will be holding a conference in Washington, DC on March 12, 2014, with federal and state leaders participating.


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